The Cotswold Spring Sportive - Alex Cox

As some of you may know I am not a cyclist. Being a triathlete means I have to split my time training between 3 disciplines and also a full time job and family. Thankfully Blair is at hand to manage my training time so I enjoy a good quality of life. Unfortunately I decided to throw Blair a curveball and enter a Sportive and give him 4 days notice (Bad on my part!). If you have followed my 2016 Challenge will know I have only participated in one sportive as part of the long course weekend and that did not go to plan due to sickness so I was extremely nervous. 

I was lucky to be able to enter the Cotswold Sportive as part of #TeamTrueStart and was meet on the morning by the lovely Helena and Simon from True Start Coffee and also met up with Sarah from the Possibility Race Team. 

I was joined on the ride but a good friend Rob from the Tri Club and we set of. The pace was good and we set about jumping from pack to pack. 

Being a sportive there would be hills and boy where they tough. I started to cram in my right quad and after 50km started to cramp in both quads on the hills. Not fun I can tell you!! 

It was a tough 4 hours in the saddle but glad to say the training with Blair has paid off have bagged some new PB's

Finally I have decided long distances are not for me. Its something I said to Blair last year and this sportive has confirmed it, I find that I really enjoy the Olympic Distance events as they are Fast and Short so will be concentrating on them and thats the focus for Qualification in a few years. 

Check out the Relive video on my twitter and let us know whats your favourite ride!

Finally here is the bling for those that like to see what the medal looks like :)