Surduk Trek 2015 MTB-O Marathon - Josip Mlakar

“Surduk Trek 2015 MTB marathon was held last Saturday in August. I already participated on that marathon last 2 years so I knew what is waiting for me. As I had problem with injuries last 2 months and I was not in training I didn't have any big expectation. Main goal on this race was to finish it. It's not standard marathon race, you need to find control spots marked on map and you can choose your path. On race briefing I got the map which held 22 control spots, as I saw map and draw route which I was thinking it will be the best for me I planed it will be about 75km's long race. I started easily and held 6th place with eyesight on 5 other riders in front. On 10km I moved to 5th place but I lost riders in front, so now I was alone which is my strongest weapon. Steadily I was picking control spots and on 25km I moved to 4th place. Till 40km I was going smart and easy but still I managed to be fast, after 40km I said to myself "ok, it's time to go now". And on 55km I got myself on 3rd position. Now I was going strong but I felt very good on uphill. After 20km solo again I saw 2 guys that were leading the race and it was sign that I'm doing good job. But then problem come and I punctured my front tire. I managed to change it fast but I lost about 10-15 minutes. So I decided to go protect my 3rd place. Until finish I was riding solo and in great pace. At the end I passed 96km in 5h51min.

With this race I must be happy, after 2 months without any big training I grabbed bronze medal. Nice way to start working with Blair.

Until next race it's time to get back in training routine and get my form big again."

- Race report byJosip Mlakar.