So its been a crazy start to the year. Blair has pushed me kicking and screaming through 3 half marathons and has been getting me ready for the rest of the events this year.

We are now into the part of my season that makes me excited and nervous at the same time, It's now Triathlon Season!

Sunday 15th May was like any other pre race Sunday, I woke up and had my usual porridge with Banana and got the car packed up with my bike and gear for the event.  I was quite excited because it's the first event that I get to use my new race suit that Tom from @iprintstuff.

We got down to Royal Wootton Bassett and I got myself registered, as it's a local race there was a number of Swindon Triathlon Club athletes racing and also the local bike shop Performance Cycles who are supporting my charity season where there so grabbed some last-minute nutrition and had the bike checked over and then headed into transition.

I was feeling good about the day as I have been working with Rianne from Invictus Performance Nutrition and have seen some great improvements in the way I feel and with the work I have been doing with Blair I have been getting faster and stronger.

10:25 came and I was off, Blair had told me to take it easy and save myself for Slateman so I settled in and before I know it I was pulling myself out of the pool in 7:36 sec. After a quick 43 sec transition I was on the bike and heading out the course. My Bayamo felt great and I turned onto the 1st major road outside the town in no time. Suddenly the bike felt strange and the back wheel started to slide out to the right, I could not keep it upright and before I knew what was happening I was on the deck sliding down the path with the bike still attached.

I was in a daze and after what felt like an eternity I was getting up and checking the bike was ok, its at that point I noticed something dripping next to me and when I looked down I could see the claret running down my arm. I knew I needed to get patched up so got back on the bike a cycled to the next marshal point. Unfortunately they did not have a first aid kit to hand so I told them to call the medics and get them to meet me further up the course.

15km later I was elated to see the gold and green and the medic patched me up and padded out the injury on my arm and I was back on the road.

This was no longer about getting a PB and placing high in the ranking, it was now about getting to the end of the course and finishing.

When I came into T2 people where shouting at me to keep going and knew I was in a bad way. I stood for a minute and assessed if I was up for the run. I decided to give it a go and slipped on my trainers and headed out.

The run was painful and not at my usual pace. I had lost the water bottle in the crash so was needing water and starting to feel the strain but knew I had to plod on.

The water station was a godsend and after I had taken a few gulps knew I would be able to finish, We had 2 flat laps of the rugby field and then it was the homeward bound.

As the finish came into view I caught a glimpse of Alicia-Sophia who was waiting for me. With a big grin she ran up to me and we walked over the line together.

I try to take something out of every race I do a for me this was one of the hardest from a physical and psychological point I have done. Sure I have cycled further and run further and the half marathons did hurt but I have found I am mentally stronger than I thought. It's not easy to keep going when you come off in a race but somethings you have to just persevere and carry on.

The bike is ok and the wounds will heal. For me it's now a week of resting before heading to the Slateman Triathlon this weekend.

Ciao for now