Loch Lo Man Triathlon - Sarah rolling into 2nd place!

"I managed to come 2nd female overall (and get myself £50 and a free entry to next years race).  First place got £200... next year!!!  The 1st female was 13 minutes ahead of me.  She was 3 mins faster on swim; 2 mins slower in T1; 8 mins faster on the bike; 1 min faster in T2; 2 mins faster on the run

Things seemed to go pretty well today, particularly considering the quad problems earlier and being ill the last couple of weeks.  Bike was slower than I was hoping but it was a really hard course (I thought), I think that's the hardest course I've ridden in a race... need to do a few comparisons to other races to get a better feel for it.  I felt I managed better than usual on the uphills but some of the downhill sections were quite tough and I think I probably lost quite a lot of time.  There was quite a narrow road with a few curves and corners for a large section with lots of grit on the road etc. - it doesn't lend itself to my incompetence with bike handling!  I did however find someone who is worse than me on the downhills though :)   Bike was a bit short at about 85km ish,

Swim was about 10.6 degrees so warmer than Loch Ness and it was really calm.  I didn't swim great as I was wearing my old wetsuit which is too big and fills with water.  That along with the compulsory gloves which means you can't feel the water meant it was a bit tricky.  I was expecting all this though so swim time was ok.  They cut it short to about 800-850m because of the water temp.

Run was far better than expected.  I was expecting to run about 5 min/km but felt really good off the bike.  For the first 10km or so I was running at 4:37m/km, the last 10km was about the same (or fractionally slower than the first half).  Run was slightly short at just over 20km.

Weather was better than forecast but still pretty windy and absolutely chucked it down with rain quite a few times."

- Looking forward to the big race this year, the Celtman Triathlon!