Highworth Triathlon - Alex Cox

Highworth Triathlon - Alex Cox

As many of you will know training has been going well and although we are now going to focus on Olympic Distance Triathlons I could not resist taking part in the local Highworh Sprint Triathlon.

As with any triathlon packing of for the event is a Night before ritual. First port of call was to ensure the bike was clean and dirt free. I know that maniacally the bike id sound as it had just been for a tune up at Performance Cycles.

Once the bike was ready it was the time to get the rest of my kit packed


In addition to my triathlon kit I also packed CurraNZ which I take as my daily supplements and I have been using Skratch Labs Matcha Green Tea and Lemon as my on the bike fluids.

Highworth Triathlon is my local club event we had enough members attend to get our own wave which was at 10:20am so I got to have some extra sleep.

Once we arrived and got registered it was time to hit transition and set up my space.


I will point out the massive Plastic Box at the back of my bike was not mine. If you are a triathlete then you should pack lite and there is no excuse for bringing a tub this big into transition. If you do feel that you have to bring one then PLEASE keep it in your own space and don't intrude into the other competitors space. Rant Over.

Once I was set up I did a quick walk from swim in to bike our and then bike in to run out just to make sure I had it all planned in my mind, then it was off to the pool.


Standard race briefing being reminded of the do's and don'ts and we where off. It felt that as soon as I had got in I was back out and heading to transition to grab my bike.


The weather was perfect for the TT bike and I was flying. My first 3 mile segment I was averaging 20mph with some tough hills and had caught a number of club members who has got out of the pool before me.

Then the puncture hit, well I say hit. I noticed that the bike started to feel so slowed the pace down and carried on for another 3 miles before I decided to stop. I thought I must have had a slow puncture as it was not a total flat so started the usual routine of external visual checks to see what was the matter.

The recovery van pulled up next to me and wanted to know what my plan was. At the point mentally I was telling myself" its only a sprint, your halfway through and with the time you have already lost your not going to place where you want to" so I opened the back door of the van and was about to load the bike when I thought "hold on, try and fix it and then if you can go and get your medal" so I told the recovery van to do another lap and then pick me up if I was still there.

After a slow fix I was back on the bike but did not want to push it and risk another problem. Slowly I made it back to transition and headed out on the run.

3 Miles later and I was walking over the line with my 3 year old daughter.


It was a day of ups and downs. I have learnt that for my next race to carry a can of pitstop and also don't give up!


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