With this seasons A race, Ironman Staffs 70.3 now all but a distant memory, I decided that I wanted to stay focused with at least one race per month to see the remainder of the season through. So I decided that the City of Birmingham triathlon was my choice for July, it’s a local race for me so it would be perfect.

The race itself attracts a lot of interest, as there are various distances and relay races to enter. I opted for the sprint distance in anticipation of the masses being there. Which in reflection was the right choice. The bike course consists of a 5km closed road loop around Sutton Park itself, which as you can imagine can become pretty busy with competitors as the race progresses, what with competitors continually joining the circuit.

If possible, and time and distance allowing, I like to register the day before so as to get a good look at the layout, swim, transition etc, which allows me to focus on the race itself on race day. Early morning rain caused a few “moments” on the bike course for the early starters, but I was lucky enough to start mid-morning, which allowed the roads time to dry out nicely. On the downside though, transition was very busy, so finding a decent spot was quite difficult. Eventually I did, and just reconfirmed the Bike/Run Out exits from where my bike was racked.

Arriving back into transition, things went smoothly, and I was out on the run. This consisted of two 2.5km loops, on a mixture of grass, sand and tarmac. A good uphill segment after about 500m managed to challenge quite a few. Feeling strong though, I kept pushing on with Blair’s voice in the back of my mind telling me to “keep your form!”.

Coming into the finish chute I was still passing other competitors, so I knew I’d put in a decent race. Sure enough, once the official results were posted online, I discovered that I’d secured an Age Group 2nd place. It goes without saying that I’m really pleased with this result, and thank all those who support me through my training and racing, especially Blair for his continued coaching and advice.

Let’s see what August brings! :-)

- Chris Loseby