Fitter, faster, stronger with BD Endurance Coaching

We utilise recent, relevant and applicable research to achieve optimal performance for all our athletes, with a grounded belief that endurance performance resides in a balanced approach to training. We provide our athletes with an insight into the benefits of nutrition, functional strength and the importance of recovery.

This knowledge and understanding helps our athletes to become resilient to the strains of endurance training and are significantly able to reflect critically on every session.

All of the plans are based around your lifestyle, family & work commitments, we put an emphasis that real life take precedence over training.

We don’t put a limit on when you’re able to contact us, if you have any questions, get in touch, We would hate for you to be kept in the dark.

If unsure, just fire across a text or an email, or even easier, pick up the phone.


Fully Customised Training Plan

The plan is constructed around your lifestyle, your commitments and your goals. Delivered through TrainingPeaks.

WKO4 Analytics Engine

Digging deep into the data to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide crucial insights.

Endurance Sports

Whether you're a Triathlete looking to get fitter, faster and stronger or you're from an individual sport background (swim, bike or run), we can dramatically improve your training and racing.

Results & Data Driven

The plans, the results and the sessions are all focused around you. We care about each and every one of our athletes.

Gemma Marshall

"Blair coached me to the AG Worlds in Canada last year. He provided a personal training plan and support and would adapt it to the many barriers that popped up! He has a great ethos whereby real life comes first, and if something happens that makes training impossible or difficult then it's not the end of the world! Blair also ensures that you are accountable to him for your training, while he does cater for real life, he also makes sure that you don't wimp out of your sessions! All sessions were completed by sending him the session data for him to analyse. I've tried a few different coaches and training plan providers in the past and Blair has by far been the most successful for me. It's the consistent feedback - both ways - that makes it work. He's always available on the phone or by email, and makes you feel like you're his only client! Blair will always catch up with you after a race to see how you've got on, both in finish times and also how you felt about it."

Alex Cox

"Blair has been coaching me for the last month and its been a shock to the system! I had spent the last year training for sprint triathlons which helped my fitness, but I decided its time to take training to the next level. Blair now has me training for olympic distance triathlons and the difference to my run, bike and swim pace is really noticeable. I cant wait to start competing at a higher level in the next few years. Watch out Gomez, I am coming!"
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